Beguiled -Seasons of Wither–2022.



Seasons come and go but a spirit will always be there
to remind us of the past and look into the future.
Spring: the spirits you can’t see foretell of the future.
Summer: rain is falling but the sun will shine again.
Autumn: a revelation foretells of the dark and what
can go wrong.
Winter: Close your eyes and listen to the future,
of what might be, what could be.
Spring Reprise: …but beware the past and the fool
who does not listen, because like the king who through
his greed thought he was above such things,
you will surely die.
The Ghosts of Tomorrow inhabit the border between
reality and imagination, heralding the
Seasons of Change.

The new album out now!

Track 1 – Spirits you can’t see
Track 2 – Rain is falling
(Including the ghosts of the spirits)
Track 3 – Revelations in my head
(Including Crowley’s return)
Track 4 – Close my eyes again
(Including dance of the spirits)
Track 5 – Kill the king

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The new album ‘King For A Day’  is available now

Beguiled have recorded four other CDs containing the band’s own original songs:

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