Visions in Blue Track Description

The tracks described by Phil White

Track 1 – The Road To Mandalay:- This track is an imaginary musical journey along the legendary road to Mandalay . Like Rudyard Kipling , I have always had a fascination with this exotic and mystical part of the world. When I started to work on this song I wrote the lyrics before the music, a first for me. When I played it to the rest of the band, they loved it and it has been in our live set ever since.

Track 2 – The All Seeing Eye :- This was an idea of PJ our other guitarist. The chorus was later added by myself. Working together we came up with what we believe to be another great song. Never a day goes by when you don’t hear of someone predicting the end of the world. The lyrical content is quite self-explanatory.

Track 3 – The Dance of the Pharaohs :- This features some great work from the rhythm section with this rather odd time signature with Beguiled’s trademark, twin harmony guitars.

Track 4 – Visions In Blue :- This is an age old story of someone who is in love or emotionally disturbed, consequently dreaming in blue. After seeing a TV program on this subject I was quite fascinated. PJ plays some excellent guitar at the beginning in an almost classical style. We decided to add saxophone to his track and believe it really adds something extra to the song.

Track 5 – The Ever Chanting Celestial Voices :- This is an extension to the Visions In Blue theme, which is a kind of cry for help. This song really shows the three part vocal harmonies to their full extent and it is also in our live set. Judging by the reaction of recent audiences this is set to be another great song.

Credit For Front Cover logo :- Angelic faerie in blue cover by the legendary Jim Fitzpatrick ©